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Create a Convert CampaignUpdated 2 months ago

To create a Convert Campaign, you'll first need to add Chat and set up Convert for each of your Shopify stores that you want to display campaigns on.

We also recommend you set up your domain for click tracking so the links you provide in your campaigns contain your brand name instead of Gorgias links.

Then, you can check out our steps for creating a campaign for Convert.


1. Go to Settings -> Convert.

2. Click on Create Campaign on the top right corner.

3. Under Set up the basics, you can choose your Campaign name and Language.

4. Under Choose your audience, you can choose the URL of the page that the campaign will trigger on, and set up your audience conditions.

5. You can choose the Delay between the conditions being met and the campaign triggering as well as the Device type where it will show.

6. You also have the option to choose whether customers will be able to reply to this campaign or not, and whether the campaign will be stacked with other campaigns or be shown individually.

7. Under Write your message, populate it with a compelling message you'd like the campaign to display, and choose whether it'll be coming from a random agent or a specific one.

You can use all the same functions here as within a ticket's reply field: bold, italics, underlined, hyperlinked, image, video, emoji, product, and discount code.

8. When you're satisfied with the campaign setup, click Create in the bottom left - you'll be provided with the option to either Create the campaign, keep it as a draft, or click on Create & Activate, making it live immediately.

You can see and manage the status of your Campaigns in Settings -> Convert -> your Chat -> Campaigns. Even when the Campaign has been activated, you can easily customize the settings and/or messaging anytime and update it.

Check out our Convert conditions glossary to get more detailed information about each option, or start creating Campaigns with the help of our templates

We also recommend 
Convert Campaigns Library which showcases successful examples made by our customers.
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