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Gorgias Convert 101Updated 10 days ago

Convert is a part of Gorgias Marketing Suite, and it allows ecommerce brands to go above and beyond CX and launch onsite campaigns to increase website conversion rate. By subscribing, you can access Advanced Campaigns to help you turn website visitors into loyal customers while ensuring a positive shopping experience. 

Convert ensures a smooth feedback loop between teams and can: 

  • Increase your gross merchandise value up to 10%
  • Increase your conversion rate by 6%
  • Decrease your bounce rate up to 37%

With Convert, you can refine and tailor campaigns by using advanced segmentation linked to your Shopify data and achieve non-intrusive content without the requirement for coding. It offers a comprehensive range of conditions to tailor campaigns for various scenarios using variables and triggers.

Convert uses the Chat widget, making the campaign messages less intrusive than over-the-screen pop-ups, and can be combined with live Chat and Automate features - check out our articles on how to set it up.

Explore our Campaign Library to see how other brands are leveraging Convert campaigns to create a seamless journey for their customers.


Are all triggers available for Shopify headless stores as well?

Product tags added to cart, Amount added to cart, and Currently visited product triggers don't work for them - check out what's crucial for Shopify headless stores.

Can Convert be used for other e-commerce platforms, except Shopify?

While it is technically possible to enable Convert on Magento or BigCommerce, not all of the triggers would be available for those stores and merchants wouldn't be able to to see the full value.

We are constantly working on improving the product, but feel free to submit your feedback and ideas to help us determine your business needs.

How does Convert help reduce the bounce rate?

By using the Exit intent trigger in your campaigns, you can keep shoppers engaged which reduces the bounce rate. Our analysis have also shown that campaigns containing Exit intent trigger double the number of impressions and engagements, and increase the generated revenue by 20%

We detect if the visitor is trying to leave your website. If used, Exit intent will make the pop-up appear with your customized messaging which can make them stay on your website longer and push them towards a purchase. 

How does Convert gather information (customer’s purchase history, what pages they’ve visited, etc) if it doesn’t use cookies?

All shopper information is stored via Local storage - we don’t keep data on our server - so we don’t require cookie agreement.

How is Convert revenue attributed?

The attribution model that we use is based on one of the following:

  • A discount code was sent through a campaign and redeemed 
  • A product recommendation was sent through an Advanced Campaign, the product was added to the cart, and the order was finished
  • A product recommendation was sent through an Advanced campaign, the product was clicked on, and a follow-up order containing the product was finished
  • A link from an Advanced campaign was clicked on and an order placed within 24 hours
  • A ticket was created from an Advanced campaign and an order placed within 5 days

Will Convert slow down the website's performance?

Convert has a minimal impact on your website loading speed. It's triggered via Chat, so the impact will depend on how your Chat integration was installed.

If you installed your chat through 1-click installation, it has a very minor impact on the loading speed of your website - it reduces the performance score by only 1 - 3 points, which means that it outperforms most similar widgets in the industry. 

If you installed it manually, the first thing to check is whether your Chat script is set just above the </body> tag in your code editor, and if not, make sure to move it there.

What counts as a click?

Every time your customer interacts with the pop-up window generated through your campaign settings, it'll be counted as a click - if the shopper clicks on the campaign message, it'll be counted towards your selected Convert plan.

We can count multiple clicks on campaigns, but in most cases, there’s no real reason for them to click multiple times on a single campaign, except with the product cards carousel: if a customer clicks on 2 products of the carousel, we will count it as 2 clicks.

If the number of clicks reaches the limit of your plan, we will auto-upgrade you to a higher-tier plan if your auto-upgrade option is enabled. If this option is disabled, the campaigns simply won't be shown anymore. 

Why doesn't the pop-up appear if the scenario matches the settings?

Check if you have your business hours set in your helpdesk by navigating to Settings → Account → Business Hours. Convert campaigns won't trigger without them being set, even if your Advanced Campaign conditions don't have anything to do with them.

If the campaign is triggering for some, but not for other eligible customers, it could be that they have an ad-blocker that might recognize the pop-ups as spam - you can install the Campaign bundle to avoid that.

What happens if one of the items from Product cards is out of stock?

If there is only one item listed in your Product card, and it goes out of stock, that Campaign will not be displayed and there will be a notification about it in the Campaigns page. The same will happen if you have multiple products, but the sold out product is the first in the carousel.

If the out-of-stock product is not the first product in the Campaign, the Campaign will still be shown, but we will show only the products that are in stock.

If you're interested in learning more, book a demo call with our team and check out some of the most successful campaigns our customers created.

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