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AI Agent best practicesUpdated 3 days ago

AI Agent is tailored to your brand's identity. It learns and adapts to provide personalized support, ensuring every interaction reflects your brand's values, policies and tone. It also evolves and improves through your continuous QA.

The best way to manage your AI Agent's performance is by providing feedback in tickets, analyzing handovers, and tracking AI Agent's CSAT score.

This should be done on a regular basis. The frequency depends on the volume of tickets that AI Agent manages, but it's recommended to do it at least once a week.

In-ticket feedback

Anytime AI Agent sends a response, it also adds an internal note with resources it used to answer the ticket.

Besides that, you can use the Good / Bad links in the internal note to rate the response and provide additional feedback the AI Agent can learn from. Even when the response is suitable, it still helps to provide feedback, as it enhances AI Agent assurance.

Analyzing handovers

AI Agent is trained to hand over tickets anytime it detects an angry customer, recognizes excluded topics listed in Configuration tab, or simply can't find information to draft the reply.

Handovers due to lack of information are the perfect opportunity to detect gaps in your documentation or processes. Reviewing and analyzing these tickets can help you improve and update your resources, such as Help Center articles, Guidance, or Macros. Not only will they be valuable for AI Agent as a source of knowledge, but also for your customers to self-serve or get some valuable information when going through your website.

If you find that there was an appropriate source of knowledge that the AI Agent could have used, please provide in-ticket feedback as noted in the previous section.

You can find all the tickets that have been handed over by AI Agent in the Handover view that was created when the AI Agent was enabled. If you deleted the view, you can create a new one and use ai_handover tag in the filter. 

Tracking CSAT score

Just like with any other agent, you can view your AI Agent's performance scores in Support Performance Overview and Agent Performance dashboards. While it's expected for AI Agent to have the best FRT and RT results, it's worth tracking and reviewing CSAT scores and comments that the customers leave on tickets AI has resolved for them.

If the comments indicate that the response was not informative enough, you can use the opportunity to improve the resources, or leave a feedback that the adequate resource wasn't used.

You can also learn from comments whether to tweak AI Agent tone of voice or excluded topics. 

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