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Automate 101Updated a month ago

Gorgias Automate features are available for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce stores, however, Order Management is only available for Shopify stores and is not available for WooCommerce stores. 

Gorgias Automate is a supplementary subscription for Gorgias - it works 24/7 to answer up to 60% of your most repetitive tickets with a 0-second response time, freeing your team to focus on conversations that need a human touch.

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Included features

When you go to the Automate section in the top left corner of your sidebar, you'll land on My Automate page where you can see the impact that your Automate settings have on the interactions with your customers, how to boost it further, and what resources you can use to help you with new setups.

Flows (Chat, Help Center, Contact Form)

Create custom, multi-step paths to answer shopper questions based on particular preferences.


Quick Responses (Chat, Help Center, Contact Form)

Automate the full support cycle by adding up to 6 Quick Response buttons in your widget. When a customer clicks one of these buttons, they instantly receive an answer.

If the customer indicates they're satisfied, the flow is closed and no ticket is created. If they indicate they need more help, a ticket is immediately created for an agent to continue the conversation.

Quick Response button text and automated reply messages are fully customizable and can be changed at any time.

Quick Responses

Order Management (Chat, Help Center, Contact Form)


Shipping status requests are among the most common across all channels - at 12% on average.

Reduce Where Is My Order? (WISMO) questions by providing new insightful shipping information so customers can track all their orders within the Order Management feature.

Gorgias offers estimated delivery dates and real-time carrier shipment statuses with over 940 carriers.

Help Center

Make your Help Center actionable by offering Order Management for Tracking, Returns, Cancels, and other common issues.

Order Management

Report Issue via Order Management (Chat, Help Center, Contact Form)

Unlock 25 custom reasons in the Report an Issue Order Management so your customers can select what’s wrong with their order - the more granular you get, the more you’ll understand your products and customers' issues.

Create Rules to streamline or completely automate your replies based on the issue reason.

Report Issue

Automate Reporting (Statistics)

Quickly gather insights on issues and take quick action with detailed information on: 

  • Customer usage and ticket deflections
  • ROI through money and time saved
  • Gorgias Automate features distribution
  • Products with the most issues
  • Top issues reported
  • Products with the most return requests

Automate Reports

Autoresponders (Rules)

Install autoresponders and leverage AI to resolve tickets. These Rules are created and managed by Gorgias and can be added in a few clicks. 

They can also be customized to suit your business including the outbound reply copy, variables, and block/allow email lists. These lists allow you to specify email addresses you wish to always include or always exclude.

We currently have the following autoresponders:

  • Auto-close spam emails
  • Send tracking information email
  • Automate return request emails
  • Article Recommendation via email


Article recommendations (Email, Chat)


Suggest articles in emails based on questions from customers.

If the Article recommendation via email Rule is enabled, it'll automatically suggest articles from your Help Center to your customers via email.

Email Article Recommendation


Suggest articles in Chat based on questions from customers, using the power of AI. 

When a customer asks a question in your Chat widget, Gorgias will search your Help Center and provide the customer with relevant articles.

Chat Article Recommendation

Ticket volume control (Chat)

Once enabled, your customers can only start a conversation through automated interaction (Quick Responses, Flows, or Order Management). 

This is intended to reduce the volume of tickets by pushing more deflection through Automate features - a ticket will only be created if the automated interaction fails and the shopper says they need more help.

Require Automated Interaction

Train My AI

This is a page where you can review all the articles sent with Article Recommendation feature in Chat and have more visibility into how your customers interact with your Help-Center articles. By training the AI, you will improve its accuracy and ability to resolve customer inquiries without any agent work.

Train My AI


What's an automated interaction? 

An automated interaction is a customer request resolved without agent involvement, using one of the Gorgias Automate features.

A ticket will be considered an automated Interaction only if the customer doesn't end up speaking to an agent - if a customer uses one of the Automate features, but ends up talking to Support via live Chat, that ticket won't be considered an automated interaction.

Finally, a ticket can never be charged as both an automated interaction and a billable ticket at once, it will either be an automated interaction or a billable helpdesk ticket.

Why do I have to pay extra for these features?

Gorgias is committed to delivering a market-leading product worthy of our enterprise merchants and accessible to everyone.

We understand that for merchants who are just starting, having a low-cost tech stack is important. To support small businesses and help new e-commerce merchants thrive, Gorgias is committed to maintaining an entry-level pricing option (the Basic plan).

By making enhanced features available through add-ons like the Automate subscription, we can provide clients with better flexibility and ensure you have the right solution at any growth stage.

This pricing model allows us to invest back into the platform and continue to release improvements to our merchants regularly.

How do I add this to my account?

Go to Settings → Account -> Billing & usage -> Usage & Plans and choose Update Plan under the Automate box.

Can I cancel the Gorgias Automate subscription but continue my normal subscription?

Yes, they're independent of one another. If you want to cancel the Gorgias Automate subscription but continue with your base plan, simply go to Settings → Account -> Billing & usage -> Usage & Plans and choose Update Plan under the Automate box, then Remove Product.

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