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Automation Add-on 101

The automation add-on is a supplementary subscription for current Gorgias users. This subscription gives you access to a suite of features to supercharge your account.Note: the Add-on is only available for Shopify storesHow it worksThe automation add

Setting up Automation Add-on Features

Congratulations on taking your Support offering to the next level. Below are set-by-step instructions on how to set up the new features you've just unlocked.Quick response flowsQuick response flows allow you to have up to 4 custom frequently asked qu

Order statuses and possible shopper actions

This guide will cover all of the currently supported shipment statuses on our self-service portal feature, as well as the actions accessible by shoppers depending on the presented status.As a quick reminder, here's an example of where the shipment st

Testing automated flows without generating billable tickets

In order to ensure the smooth running of your automated flows, we have a testing mode that allows you to try out all your configurations without being billed. Here's how you can access and use this feature:. We encourage you to take advantage of the

Automation Add-on Statistics

The Self-Service Statistics Page is part of the Automation add-on. You are now able to measure the full impact of self-service.To get access to this feature, please enable your Automation add-on first by navigating to Settings → Automation → Self-ser