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Smile.io creates and manages reward programs (loyalty points, referrals and VIP programs) to build a fruitful relationship with both your new customers and the most loyal ones.Integration benefitsDisplay the customer's Smile profile next to tickets i


LoyaltyLion is a digital loyalty framework that gives e-commerce stores innovative ways to engage and retain customers. If you're using LoyaltyLion for your loyalty program, you can connect it to Gorgias to display information next to support tickets

Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud is a cloud-based customer loyalty solution that provides integrated loyalty, engagement, and retention solutions for enterprises. A range of program types are supported, including online, omnichannel, paid membership, social, incentives,


Simplesat is the easiest way to capture CSAT, NPS, and CES customer feedback and sync it back to Gorgias. Embed the fun, interactive customer surveys directly in Gorgias’ emails by adding the survey to CSAT settings, as well as macros. Embed the fun,


Influence.io enhances your customer support experience and seamlessly combines the power of loyalty management with efficient customer support. Requirements:. **You can use the Reauthorize button if you notice any issues, such as the customers' point