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Where’s My Order? app by Wonderment is a stalled and delay shipment communication platform for Shopify merchants. We proactively listen to your tracking numbers, identify the numbers not getting a regular update, and give you the rich data you need t


LateShipment is a platform that combines shipping refunds with everything you need to create well-managed, branded delivery experiences despite the odds. LateShipment tracks your packages in transit and gather information around 130 data points to gi


With ShippingChimp eCommerce businesses can track orders in real-time, predict delivery exceptions, gain deep insights into order analytics, and wow their customers!How it worksShippingChimp will create tickets inside Gorgias automatically for delive


Shipup helps merchants follow their packages in real-time to create a seamless, transparent, and branded delivery experience. With Shipup you can send notifications to your customers, redirect them to branded tracking pages and proactively manage pot


ShipBob is a global logistics platform that fulfills eCommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. The mission is to make you more successful online by providing best-in-class fulfillment so your customers get the fast and affordable shipping they

AfterShip Tracking

AfterShip, a shipment tracking solution, helps e-commerce businesses enhance customers’ post-purchase experience. This app will help you track customers' shipments easily, get real-time tracking updates and communicate delivery issues in time.Integra

Veeqo App

How it worksYou can connect Veeqo to the Gorgias helpdesk software to see order and shipments details in Gorgias.When you receive a customer email in Gorgias, you will be able to see the customer from Veeqo, along with their order information next to


ShipMonk is an order fulfillment platform for eCommerce businesses ready to scale.From its inception in 2014, ShipMonk has operated with a singular guiding principle: to help small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses scale by offering technology-d


Bigblue is a fulfillment company for e-commerce brands. Bigblue's technology allows brands to offer prime-like deliveries, branded tracking e-mails, a return portal, and much more. Every order is automatically prepared in their enterprise-grade logis


Linnworks is a software-as-a-service commerce platform that puts commerce control at the center of your business, ensuring your business systems are seamlessly connected so the brand is in control. In a Gorgias ticket, a widget will appear in the sid

Parcel Panel

Parcel Panel is specially designed for millions of Shopify & WooCommerce merchants, driving customer loyalty and more sales by providing a branded post-purchase experience. This integration allows your support team to check order status right from yo

Green Shipping Protection

Corso is a Green Shipping Insurance Protection that, when added to your order, protects your order against loss, theft, or any damage during transit. And Green Shipping Protection also helps offset the carbon emissions associated with your shipment!.

Ship & Deliver PrettyDamnQuick

PrettyDamnQuick is the delivery software for modern eCommerce. Set your preferred delivery options in checkout then deliver every order on time with ANY delivery service (even 3PLs and last-mile carriers). Not just the best shipping rates - perfect d