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Churn Buster

Gorgias' partnership with Churn Buster offers a seamless flow to your failed payments recovery.Integration benefitsCreate tickets in Gorgias for high-value Churn Buster opportunities — to keep track of customer billing issues in one location, easily

Daasity Analytics

Daasity is the only data analytics solution built for non-technical users by leaders in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space.Their proprietary data model is designed to give merchants the answers they need to complex questions in minutes, not days, wit


In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Alloy with the Gorgias platform. Once you've connected Alloy, you'll be able to sync data from Shopify, BigCommerce, Klaviyo, ShipBob, and other apps to view customer data in one location.Integration Ben


Connect Glew and Gorgias to get actionable insights on your customer support and see how your customer communications impact your business. Glew helps you blend data from Gorgias with the rest of your tech stack – from your e-commerce cart to your lo


NetSuite ERP is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that helps organizations operate more effectively.How it worksBy integrating NetSuite and Gorgias, you can automate core processes and have real-time visibility into operational and fin


Thankful is an AI platform dedicated to solving the post-purchase needs of customers. The AI is pre-trained and tailored to retail and eCommerce businesses to deliver better end-customer support.How it worksThankful's AI Agent works within your helpd


Daton is a cloud-based ELT platform that has connectors for various E-commerce, Advertising, Marketing, CRM, and OMS platforms, through which data can be replicated to various cloud-based data-warehouses, such as Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift, et


Conduit downloads metrics data from Gorgias, connects different data points from across the company, and builds reports in spreadsheets. If you are doing a lot of manual work on building spreadsheets from data siloed in external SaaS applications, Co

Triple Whale

Triple Whale brings the metrics that matter most into one easy-to-use dashboard, giving you the real-time insights you need to grow your brand. Within a few short clicks, you can connect your Gorgias account to Triple Whale. You'll be able to track t

Ticket Assistant by Yuma AI

Yuma helps customer support agents handle tickets faster, and helps them do it with greater care and accuracy. Without needing any additional software, Yuma integrates seamlessly with your Help Desk platform and doesn't disrupt the current workflows


Rep is an AI-powered sales assistant.How it worksRep will help increase your conversion rate and customer satisfaction with an AI sales assistant on your online shop.Rep's AI shopping assistant automatically detects customers when they are about to d


RetentionX collects all customer data, prepares it in ready-to-use analyses, and allows you to feed all generated insights back into your marketing stack. This enables you to sustainably improve LTV and customer retention by better understanding your


Metorik is an all-in-one analytics solution for WooCommerce and Shopify stores, unifying your store's orders, customers, and products through comprehensive reporting and easy to navigate interface. Our Gorgias integration allows you to see all your G


With Octup, you can leverage the power of data-driven real-time metrics that you can act on right away. Gain a complete view of all your metrics in one place for a more holistic view of your business. After connecting the integration, data from Gorgi

Talentpop Reporting

Talentpop Reporting showcases customer support performance in real-time with access to key metrics like ticket volume, response times, and customer satisfaction. Transform your Gorgias data into visually appealing reports and make data-driven decisio


SentiSum is an automated ticket tagging engine, powered by natural language processing technology, where you can easily do root cause analytics and stay on top of the 'reason for contact' trends.Integration benefitsThe way the integration actually wo